Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Layoff Victims Fight Back the Recession Straight From Their Home PCs Using Private Label Rights

Millions are laid off. Most of them are starving. People all over the world are suffering. But they’re not giving up. They’re turning on their computers to look for better opportunities. In the USA alone, unemployment rates are at the highest since 1983. Many people turn to the internet with the dream of creating their own web based business but are quickly faced with turmoil after being bombarded with scams.

Betty Wilson, a 38 year old mother from Philmont, PA, found her initial success online using what is known as private label rights products. “Many people don’t understand that the quickest way to establish yourself online is by creating your own products. Private Label Rights products allow you to do this quick and easy while being affordable” she explains.

Within her first year online, Betty Wilson was able to generate up to $80,000 a year in profit. Far from being a millionaire, but enough to take care of her 2 daughters, one of whom is getting ready to attend college this upcoming fall.

Craig Michaels, founder of www.PLRNicheClub.com had this to say about the current affair of web based businesses:

“I was simply tired of all the scams online. Desperate people are turning to the internet to provide a source of income for their family and I hate to see them waste it on paid survey scams and other get rich quick schemes”.

In his dream of helping the average person set up their very own web based businesses, Craig Michaels launched his brand new service PLRNicheClub. This new service provides its members with 2 high-quality businesses every single month. Members get unique products created just for them in helping them establish their very own web businesses.

Doug Barger, a member of PLRNicheClub since its launch stated “I'm impressed with the research that has gone into the development of these [products] because it's obvious with the quality that comes out... there's definitely much more value than investment here and it’s a great way to boost monthly profits.”

In his goal of making web-based businesses accessible to the average person Craig Michaels is offering, for a limited time only, a chance to try his new service for only $1.00. Visit www.plrnicheclub.com to get started on getting your very own web-based businesses for less than the price of a candy bar. “It has always been my dream to create what I like to call a team of webpreneurs. Today, that dream has become a reality.”
Private Label Rights
Private Label Rights